The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the following voting organizations: API – BSEE - EPA - IMO - IPIECA – NOAA - USCG - (see Note 1 below). The Executive Committee membership shall be composed of two members, a primary who is also an Executive Committee Co-Chair and an alternate, from each voting organization. Each organization shall have one vote with issues being decided by a majority vote of those organizations present at an Executive Committee meeting or via an email consultation. The call for a vote shall be initiated by the Chairperson. Issues resolved using the voting procedure shall be documented in the meeting minutes along with any corresponding action items. The Chairperson of the Executive Committee is selected by the sponsoring organization from the API representation. One Co-chair for the Executive Committee is selected by each of the other sponsoring organizations. The Executive Committee may include additional non-voting members upon approval by the majority of the main seven organizations that compose the Executive Committee; these members may participate in activities associated with the Executive Committee and other Committees as determined by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee can establish a new subcommittee(s) as required to address specific issues/topics. The Executive Committee has the power to act on behalf of all the Committees and organizations.

Note 1 - American Petroleum Institute, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Environmental Protection Agency, International Maritime Organization, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association, and the United States Coast Guard.

The Program Subcommittee

The Chairperson of the Program Subcommittee will preferably be from the USCG organization, unless another organization volunteers for the role. The Program Subcommittee Chairperson will be a non-voting participant when requested to attend an Executive Committee meeting. The Chairperson of the Program Subcommittee is assisted by a Co-chair selected from another supporting organizations and can include a representative from the same organization or company represented by the Executive Committee Chairperson. Together they are responsible for developing the sub-themes, the planning and execution of the technical program and the Conference Proceedings. Other members on this Subcommittee shall be chosen as needed by the Chairperson and Co-chair but should represent a broad enough spectrum of interest to provide balanced peer review of all parts of the technical program. The Program Subcommittee may establish Work Groups to address aspects of the technical program. The Program Subcommittee works closely with the Public Relations Subcommittee.

The Exhibit Subcommittee

The Chairperson for the Exhibit Subcommittee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee from one of the other supporting organizations, whichever is not providing the Program Subcommittee Chairperson. At his/her discretion, he may appoint a Co-chair and members from the other supporting organizations. The Exhibit Subcommittee is responsible for the details necessary to provide Conference exhibit space and the sale of such space. The Exhibit Subcommittee shall work with the Public Relations Subcommittee as necessary to fulfill its obligations. The Exhibit Subcommittee Chairperson will be a non-voting member of the Executive Committee unless that person is already the voting member.

Reporting Relationships

All Subcommittees report to the Executive Committee which has sole and final authority over all Conference activity. The Executive Committee members are responsible to their respective co-sponsoring organizations and for making the necessary commitments for a successful conference.

Funding Relationships

It is the intent of the seven co-sponsoring organizations to run the Conferences on a self-sustaining but not-for-profit basis. All expenses of the Conference not recovered by Conference income will be covered by the conference budget reserve fund that is established and monitored by the Executive Committee. All surplus funds of any Conference are to be dedicated to financing subsequent Conferences and special projects which are proposed to and approved by the Executive Committee. In the unlikely event that the conference overrun exceeds the reserve fund, API will provide the funding to cover the expenses.


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