To create a global colloquium for public, government, academia, industry, and response organizations to address all aspects of oil spills impacting the environment.


To promote an international exchange of information and ideas dealing with spill prevention, planning, preparedness, response, restoration, protocols, education, research and development, and technology. To promote international sharing of best practices and lessons learned from oil spill incidents.


The International Oil Spill Conference is the sole responsibility of the Executive Committee. Subcommittees as required may be appointed by the Executive Committee but as a minimum there will be a Program Subcommittee, an Exhibit Subcommittee, and a Public Relations Subcommittee. The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, appoint a Conference Treasurer and delegate an organization, normally API, to act as its contracting agent who may assume the responsibility for contracts, financial obligations, and record keeping duties. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for and agree upon Conference location, timing, budget, major themes, support organization's funding, fees, structures, and organization related to the Conference.